Velvet Flower

Do you know Velvet Flower?

Velvet Flower is an intangible cultural heritage(ICH) of China.In ancient China, it was used as a royal tribute for the noble people.It only spread to the people in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties and was once popular for a while.

The Chinese pronunciation of 'velvet flower' is homophonic with 'Ronghua', so in ancient times, brides wearing velvet flowers to get married represented a lifetime of prosperity and wealth.

Velvet Flower is purely handmade, mainly made of mulberry silk and brass wire. The mulberry silk is made of flesh and brass wire is made of bone. During the production process, freshwater pearls, various gemstones, and crystals are also used, which is a representative of China's rich and noble culture.

The main uses of velvet flowers include headflower, wrist flower, breast flower, and there are many other uses waiting for you to develop.

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