Can you DIY?

Nowadays, industrial products are becoming increasingly perfect, and more and more people cannot and do not need to master the skills of skilled craftsmen from the past. Although there is no need to do it yourself, it always feels like there is something missing. People are like this, they need to be close to nature, need to work hard, and enjoy the joy of life through sports work.
Activate your brain and use your hands to create, this is the highest level of DIY:
As long as you can think of it, you can do it. This is the embodiment of DIY spirit!
The philosophy of DIY is: originating from nature and returning to nature. It allows you to relax and feel all the beautiful things around us.
Its purpose is to add some sugar to life!
Have you ever seen a cool and exquisite DIY metal assembly toy like this?
These two metal assembly toys require you to assemble them yourself, with a difficulty level of five stars. Do you dare to challenge them?
DIY lights up your life.
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